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Art quilting grew out of the great quilt revival born in the 60's and evolving to the present. Traditional designs, many from a century past, gave way through the 70's and 80's to new ideas, twists and visual effects on the old craft.

Quiltmaking was no longer just pieced design conforming to patterns but a whole new art form enticing not only sewers but oil painters and watercolorists to fabric canvasses. This old/new art took many forms and as many names: tapestries, wall quilts, fabric collage, fiber art, fabric art, wearable art and finally, now to most people - "art quilting".

Methods used in art quilts may be pieced, appliqued, hand stitched and machine stitched. The finished fabric art canvas may contain hand-dyed or painted fabrics, embellishments such as ribbon, yarn and beads, many different fibers, freeform stitching in a variety of colors, threads and patterns. Hangings may be landscape, representational, abstract, contemporary or anything else that art may claim to be.

Art quilting continues to be enormously popular and artists push the envelope every day with new designs, techniques and a kaleidoscopic world of ideas all waiting to be fabricated.




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